Adult - non medical face covering with tie -includes pocket for filter

$ 15.00

ADULT SIZE - one size fits most

Double layer 100% cotton non medical face covering/mask with an added third layer as a pocket for a filter (filter not included).

Continuous woven cord (with some stretch) around that has not been knotted in order to adjust to your preferred fitting.  The cord can be knotted once the desired fit has be found.  Can be worn around the back of the head and can also be cut in half to tie around the ears.  If you prefer elastic over the woven cord leave me a note a checkout

These are non medical face masks and should not be a substitute for medical masks.  Masks should not be worn by anyone who cannot remove them by themselves.  Please refer to your local government website for best fabric mask practices. Visit here for government issued information.

Masks should be washed before each use.  


These will be shipped within a couple of days (max) after ordering.  These are shipped airmail without tracking.  

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